Mining Challenges – Where Are We Heading To?

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Jun 08, 2017

Mining is a multifaceted industry with a complex chain of operations which are strongly influenced by external factors. The industry has always faced major mining challenges all across the world. Let us discuss further about these problems ant their possible solutions.

Human resources in mining

The top mining companies are always looking for ways to optimize costs, as well as ensure business efficiency. This market still in need of manual labor, that is a limiting factor when reaching the cost optimization or time effectiveness goals. In fact, research of a global firm “McKinsey” has begun to show that while automation will eliminate very few occupations entirely in the next decade, it will affect portions of almost all jobs to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the type of work they entail. Last year technologies could automate 45 percent of the activities people are paid to perform and that about 60 percent of all occupations could see 30 percent or more of their constituent activities automated, again with technologies available today. It is also observed that there is a shortage of skilled man-power in the general market of workforce. According to a study carried out by SME (Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration) “Emerging Workforce Trends in the U.S. Mining Industry” in 2019, the industry will need almost 80 000 extra replacement workers due to retirement (a total of 128 000 new positions will be required by 2019). Moreover, it is noticeable that robotics make work easier and more effective. Machines enable an organization to meet its deadlines and seek more efficient results. The only advantage of having man-power – lower cost. The world‘s capital is flowing towards automation and away from investing in human labor simply because automation has a better return on investment (ROI). Economically speaking, this is the tipping point.

Health and safety for the future

Despite health and safety innovations, and the expansion of new energy industries, mining remains as one of the world‘s most dangerous occupations. One of the top on- the- job health risks of mining are dust and subprime waste, which are very dangerous for humans (mineral dust particles in the air can accumulate in the lungs and lead to pneumoconiosis) and the environment. The implementation of projects not only stops the safety requirements, but it also stops the universal policy of Human Well- Being and Social Structures which often makes it impossible to implement general safety standards. For this reason many mining projects have potentiality to remain unfinished.

More efficiency with drones

Mining spaces are often extremely large and performing the work using entirely man-power becomes a much more difficult and time- consuming task which is important in measuring or monitoring activities. Hand-held imagery collection becomes a real challenge while dealing with large scale area. While aerial imagery is fast, secure and trusted way to gather the necessary information. Saving time on this step ensures to make timely decisions on the actual situation.

Software and photogrammetry for mining

Taking into account all reasons mentioned above, the representative goals of the mining industry are to achieve economically effective solutions, optimal safety, meeting the requirements of universal policies of human well- being all while reducing expenses as much as possible.

To address these issues there is quite a number of different solutions in the market. But most probably the photogrammetric software solutions are the ones that best count for price and quality ratio.

Pixpro software is a photogrammetry based software solution enriched with a wide range of measurements relevant for the mining industry. It facilitates the planning of material dislocation, acquiring a detailed view of the explorable surface, as well as provides accurate 3D measurements and calculations that lead to more exact forecasts, help to make more realistic workflow plans. The object comparison in time feature allows you to track the changes of the object over time, while the object profile option displays a detailed object information, such as volume, high, angle, surface diameter, etc. But most probably the biggest benefit one can get is time saving and convenience to analyze the object directly from your PC.

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