Photogrammetrist Profession and Jobs. Worth Your Consideration.

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Jul 28, 2022

Choosing a photogrammetrist profession can be a strategic career decision, an extra job, or a hobby. It is excellent for people who dislike sedentary jobs and love learning various skills.

What does a Photogrammetrist do?

A photogrammetrist uses different technologies and software to create and deliver 3D models of various environments or objects. Data collection can be done by the photogrammetrist himself(ideally) or by another specialist. Photogrammetrist inputs the data into photogrammetry software, such as Pixpro, and creates 3D models. They also make measurements and calculations and analyze and export the data according to specific tasks.

Adjacent Professions and Required Skills

Photogrammetry relates to many other occupations such as 3D modelers, GIS analysts, surveyors, photographers, drone pilots, CAD specialists, game developers, and many more. If your work is related to 3D environments and spatial data capture – you probably have encountered photogrammetry at some point. By learning photogrammetric capturing techniques and trying out software, you could add photogrammetrist to your resume in no time.

The Demand and the Salary

The demand for photogrammetry specialists is increasing. Head-hunters forecast a constantly growing market for photogrammetry specialists in construction, mining, and urban planning. Currently, an average photogrammetrist salary amounts to $36.55 per hour. It makes $76,016 per year in the US. It is a fact that some places are better than others for starting a career as a photogrammetrist. New York, New Jersey, California, and Maryland propose better conditions. In New York average photogrammetrist salary begins at $113,450. Companies in New Jersey and California are paying $112,925 and $106,503 per year.

The salary in Europe depends on the country, but on average, companies pay EUR 45 per hour, which makes EUR 86,400 per year. The size of salaries is constantly growing at a minimum of 10% per year. There is always a certain number of vacancies, and negotiations are acceptable. Jobhunters advise considering developers of games or virtual reality solutions, they are paying EUR 100 and more per hour, but frequently it is just a short-time job.

Photogrammetrist Formal Education

More than 70% of photogrammetrists have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer sciences. Depending on the specific job duties, a degree in cartography or geography is sometimes needed. 

The top colleges for photogrammetrists in the US are as follows:

  1. Pennsylvania State University
  2. University of Southern California
  3. Ferris State University
  4. University of Florida
  5. Texas A&M University.

Top colleges for photogrammetrists in UK and Germany:

  1. The University of Aberdeen, School of Geosciences in Scotland
  2. Lancaster University in England
  3. Liverpool Hope University in England
  4. Newcastle University, School of Engineering in England
  5. Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences in Germany.


Even without a bachelor’s degree, you can find a place in the photogrammetry industry because there are various e-learning courses ready to fill in any gaps in knowledge. Our blog and Pixpro software help site is a free and easy way to start gathering knowledge for photogrammetry. There is no limitation of age applicable to photogrammetry professionals or enthusiasts. This occupation is suitable for people of any age. It fits for students or parents as a part-time job because, in this role, it is easy to schedule your time and perform all tasks independently. Last but not least – it perfectly fits people who care about their work and life balance.

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