What’s so great about photogrammetry based software?..

What’s so great about photogrammetry based software?..

Photogrammetry is a term that is unheard of for most people, often accompanied by shrugging shoulders. Very few people know that photogrammetry determines the shape, size and position of various objects on the Earth’s surface, making up plans and maps based on photographic measurements. The management of objects using this method in virtual reality is much more convenient, providing users with unlimited opportunities to carry out various simulations (to move objects, cut them out, etc.), perform measurements and execute the necessary calculations – all on their computer screens. Thanks to photogrammetry, large objects and areas can be seen as if on the surface of a palm, thus facilitating day-to-day tasks and meeting technologically advanced work methods.

“Pixpro” is perhaps the only company in Lithuania that develops advanced photogrammetric software solutions for mining, architectural, geodesy and other industries and their technical computer solutions. This company, having existed in the market for three years, focuses on 3D modelling alternatives and has developed three products for photogrammetric solutions: “Pixprocessing_Demo”, “Pixprocessing_Standard” and “Pixprocessing_Mining”. All of these products have their own target audiences, however the “Pixpro” team is convinced that this is definitely not the ultimate goal of this technology, but rather the start of new, unmatched solutions and their development.

Object reconstruction in a 3D environment is a convenient way to manage product information, simulate different situations and search for innovative solutions. Using the “Pixprocessing” software developed by “Pixpro”, you can process photos produced using different methods, both from the air using drones and from the ground.  This software facilitates the planning, presentation, analysis and management of various objects.

One of the largest clients of the company “Pixpro” is AB “Kauno tiltai”. The company “Kauno tiltai” is a member of the European construction company group “Comsa Corporation” and a member of the Polish road and railway infrastructure construction companies group. AB “Kauno tiltai” specializes in the construction of bridges and overpasses, roads, railways, air and water ports and their infrastructure, as well as construction of tunnels, energy and engineering networks. Haroldas Jasėnas, the head of information technologies division of the company, and Tomas Mažeika, head of the geodesy site, both believe that using the “Pixprocessing” program work can be carried out in a much more simple and efficient manner. “Thanks to the “Pixprocessing” program, many tasks have become much easier to perform. For example, our geodesists,  instead of measuring with geodesy equipment,  now can simply launch a drone that operates the mentioned software. Everything happens faster, we receive high-quality images, digital photos, and most importantly – we do not have to chase people around, they can now easily transfer the captured information and use it for further work and analysis“ – said Tomas Mažeika.

Meanwhile, Haroldas Jasėnas, the head of information technologies division of AB “Kauno tiltai”, says that the software developed by “Pixpro” is a great helper, facilitating day-to-day work.  “This tool is also helpful in monitoring the amount of building materials: it helps us determine how quickly we use up the crushed stone, how much sand do we have remaining on the lot, how to predict the demand of gravel. In the past, specialists used geodetic equipment and now, all of this work is carried out by a drone, hovering above the territory, allowing our colleagues to instead put the time and energy into other work”, – says the head of information technologies division of AB “Kauno tiltai”.

H. Jasėnas also emphasizes that the “Pixpro” program has only been used by the company for a short period of time, making it a novelty for even such a huge company. “Truth be told, we have only been using the drone and the accompanying software for a half-year, so we are still learning and trying to understand all the subtleties. But it has become obvious that the time spent on learning will definitely pay off, because our work will be much less time consuming, saving the time of our colleagues” – said the interlocutor.

Currently, the company “Pixpro” is actively pursuing photogrammetric solutions in international markets, participating in exhibitions in London, Berlin, Dubai, Mexico, as well as spreading news about innovative products and their business benefits. “Pixpro” is constantly improving and striving to present new, technologically advance solutions. The newly released “Pixprocessing Mining” is a mining-oriented product that will help make the work of miners easier, improve safety, as well as productivity. This particular product, designed for the mining industry, is used by AB “Kauno Tiltai”. his product is special in that it not only reproduces the perfect image of the object in a 3D environment, but also provides many important calculations of the dimensions of the object that are of particular importance in the mining industry.

In the current world of technology, it is important to be a sprightly, ever-improving player. Innovation, flexibility, knowledge of the customer and their problems are all extremely important in the field of photogrammetric solutions. “Pixpro’s” team of professionals is always searching for the most innovative methods for fast and high-quality customer solutions, facing the latest technological challenges.