Smart, Simple & Safe Surveying

Smart, Simple & Safe

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Solar Panel Design

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Why Pixpro?

Pixpro product is a software for smart, simple and safe surveying providing fast data-driven insights to support your business in effective way.

Smart surveying


Designed to provide fast data-driven insights, it offers innovative methods and provide the most-efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Easily integrated with AutoCad, PV Case or any other software.

Simple surveying


It is fully automated and does not require any specific knowledge or preparation. Powerful analytical engine, suggestive and easy to operate GUI, one-click process launch significantly enhances your user-experience.

Safe surveying


Targeted at solving the surveying challenges and facilitating multiple on-site and off-site work stages, it ensures your employee avoidance of direct exposure to danger or poisonous environment.

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  • Highly Detailed 3D Terrains

    Highly Detailed 3D Terrains

    The object visualization in a 3D mode has never been so easy – no matter the size of the object, enjoy the navigation through different dimensions without losing even a smallest detail. Large data visualization engine enables you to zoom in, zoom out, drag the visualizing zone from one object to another, without losing a speed or visualizing quality.

  • Photo Manager

    Photo Manager

    Wide range of photo management options enables the user to process the photos acquired by any photo-camera. With Photo Manager you can also easily review, arrange, select or deselected the specific photos for further data processing.

  • Advanced Photo Calibration

    Advanced Photo Calibration

    Using the photographic EXIF information, a database of intrinsic camera parameters provides a fast way to calibrate photos for optimal photogrammetric results. In case of EXIF data unavailability, the software offers an automated process of intrinsic parameter detection and calibration.

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At Pixpro you can order separately or in a pack: Data Gathering, Data Processing or Data Analysis services.

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No long-term commitments

You are free to choose whether one-time or recurring project option.

Appealing pricing

You pay only for the agreed results. Long-term projects include more favorable pricing.

Fully satisfied needs

We use our own software, and can modify it according your business specifics.

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