Smart, Simple & Safe Surveying

Smart, Simple & Safe

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Necessary measurements from Images

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Fast & Accurate Solar Panel Design

Fast & Accurate
Solar Panel Design

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Why Pixpro?

Pixpro product is a software for smart, simple and safe surveying providing fast data-driven insights to support your business in effective way.

Smart surveying


Designed to provide fast data-driven insights, it offers innovative methods and provide the most-efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Easily integrated with AutoCad, PV Case or any other software.

Simple surveying


It is fully automated and does not require any specific knowledge or preparation. Powerful analytical engine, suggestive and easy to operate GUI, one-click process launch significantly enhances your user-experience.

Safe surveying


Targeted at solving the surveying challenges and facilitating multiple on-site and off-site work stages, it ensures your employee avoidance of direct exposure to danger or poisonous environment.

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Use Cases

Practical software application for solving challenges in various industries. Select the industry and read industry related cases how Pixpro software increased the efficiency and saved time by simplifying the usual processes.

Responsible Waste Management with 3D mode

Responsible Waste Management with 3D mode

Nowadays, the waste management is strictly regulated all over European Union.
During the dump exploitation period and after it, as long as the dump may cause any danger to the environment and human health, the operator must carry out the dump monitoring in accordance with the established method approved by the environmental law.
To ensure timely and comprehensive monitoring of the dump, we have employed photogrammetry. The photogrammetric approach enables collecting comprehensive factual data as well as comparing the data to the available project data and drawings.

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Measuring Building Facades from Photos

Measuring Building Facades from Photos

The construction industry is known for its complexity. One construction project will have a number of organizations engaged. Main contractor ensures that the finished building reflects the quality laid out in the project brief, is on time and within budget.
Unfortunately, the often occurrence is that none of these criteria are met. Going over the original agreed budget is one of the main issues. How can you check if the main contractor completed the works as he states? How can you do it in a quick and competent way?
Building analysis from pictures – it’s a fast, accurate and safe way to check the building’s exterior works.

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Fast and Accurate Solar Panels Design

Fast and Accurate Solar Panels Design

The solar plants on the flat roofs are more universal and significantly easier to design as well as mount them. But for solar plates on the pitched or matched roofs, the design requires high accuracy.
One of the main issues often encountered by solar panel engineers – outdated blueprints of the structure in question.
In order to present the client with accurate and realistic projects, it’s imperative to remeasure exact roof dimensions and blueprints. All of that can be achieved accurately, quickly and safely by using object analysis from photographs.

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At Pixpro you can order separately or in a pack: Data Gathering, Data Processing or Data Analysis services.

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You are free to choose whether one-time or recurring project option.

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You pay only for the agreed results. Long-term projects include more favorable pricing.

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We use our own software, and can modify it according your business specifics.

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