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Your No1 partner in offering software solutions that make your daily work easier.



To facilitate your daily work by offering you the most innovative and easy to use software solutions integrating photogrammetry and computer vision.


We are the experts and professionals in our field. We always look for the most innovative approaches and deliver quick high-quality solutions.


Attention. We listen to understand your needs better.

Commitment.  We keep our promises.

Professionalism.  Knowledge is our asset. We invest in our team qualification.

Continuity. We strive to work in the same team on the same project.


Curiosity.  We search for the new ways to do the same thing.

Devotion.  Quality is our goal No1 and we do our best to reach it.

Team spirit.  We trust and support each other.

Our Teamleads

Edvardas Ramanauskas

Edvardas Ramanauskas

CEO, Co-Founder

True leader and idea generator. Has a strong goal-orientation and pragmatic attitude. Perfectly identifies business needs and skillfully leads the team to meet them.
Co-Founder and CEO of 2 efficiently running IT companies.

Jan Jarecki

Jan Jarecki


Inexhaustible energy cartridge, always full of ideas how to do something better.
IT background, curiosity and going into detail make his most unrealistic ideas come true.
Co-Founder of 2 efficiently running IT companies.

Andrius Tvaronavičius

Andrius Tvaronavičius


Is a strong and straight-forward personality. Easily understands the customers‘ needs and clearly sets the goals.
Long experience in machine vision, 3D scanning and medical imaging software development enables to find innovative thus creative solutions.

Jonas Guzaitis

Jonas Guzaitis

Head of R&D

Innovative spirit with PhD in software engineering, image processing and recognition.
Being aspirant, challenge-driven and having a considerable scientific experience in software engineering, he is always on the way to find the most innovative solutions.

Eugenijus Pliuskus

Eugenijus Pliuskus

Head of Development

Highly positive attitude, patience and strong team spirit make him an insightful leader.
Wide international experience enable him perfectly understand the modern business needs, accept the challenges and offer the best software solutions.

Asta Sabaitė

Asta Sabaitė

Head of Sales & Marketing

Long experience in marketing field in different business sectors such as retail, advertising, FMCG, IT, FinTech, enables to approach challenges in most ingenious ways.
Creativity, quick-response and persistence empower to find the most suitable solutions.

R&D initiatives

Project „Implementation of R&D in order to create an innovative system of development of competencies, employing the principles of virtual reality”
Project No: J05-LVPA-K-04-0051

On the 18th April 2019, Pixpro, UAB signed the agreement for the project „Implementation of R&D in order to create an innovative system of development of competencies, employing the principles of virtual reality”.

The project aims at creating a new and unique competencies development system employing the principles of virtual reality and photogrammetry.
During the project implementation period, i.e. executing the experimental and R&D activities, the new automated educational system for the competencies development shall be created. The system shall be based on the principles of VR and photogrammetry.

The system shall consist of:

  • Automated environment scanning product;
  • Automated product for the reconstruction of the 3D environment;

Duration of the project: 24 months

Budget: 745 251,37
EU support: 335 363,16

The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


Here at Pixpro, we develop advanced software solutions based on photogrammetry and computer vision to make the daily work of mining, mapping, inspection, architecture, geodesy & other industries easier.

Pixpro software possesses a wide range of features that speed up and facilitate the daily work as well as provide essential information for effective business management.

We always look for the most innovative approaches and deliver quick high-quality software solutions.


Imagine yourself working in a team with highly devoted experts of their  own field unified by one goal – to develop a cutting-edge software and conquer the global market.

To be innovative!.. To be different!.. To be the best!..
Is that you?..

We don’t have rules, we have values that guide the way we work and the decisions we make.

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