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Automated flights for latest consumer-grade DJI drones

Data capture in photogrammetry is the determining factor for the quality of all 3D reconstruction projects. In aerial photogrammetry, automated flight helps to keep the data capture consistent, efficient, and accessible.

Due to discontinued SDK support, we created Pixpro Waypoints as a flight planning service for the latest DJI drones that support waypoint functionality. Currently supported drones are the DJI Mavic 3 series, DJI Air3, and DJI Mini 4 Pro.

Complete Photogrammetry Solution

Pixpro Waypoints can generate a flight pattern to cover an area with the desired overlap for photogrammetry. You only need to select your region, flight altitude, and photo capture interval. Our algorithms will calculate the flight speed and the flight path. Currently, we offer a single-grid and orbital flight plan types, with many other types coming in the future updates.

With Pixpro Waypoints, you can enjoy enterprise-grade flight planning convenience and consistency. All Pixpro software users can access this service, making Pixpro the most accessible complete photogrammetry solution.

How It Works

To obtain an automatic flight, you need to replace an existing waypoint flight with one from our service. Generate any waypoint flight in the DJI Fly app, go to our service page from your dashboard, and draw a new flight there. Download the file and replace the original flight with ours. You can find a more comprehensive guide on how to use Pixpro waypoints in our blog post.

You can do this with Android phones, iPhones, tablets, and DJI RC remotes. If you have two devices to work with, you can also use our service on the field. Read our real-world use case of how we planned and executed a roof scan using our service and a DJI Mini 4 Pro. Become a Pixpro user and start using our service now - our Pixpro software free trial also gives you access to the service.

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